Fiduciary Services

Our fiduciary services are rendered through Convina Fiduciary Services Ltd which is the flagship of the Group. We provide a holistic suite of fiduciary services and ensure that appropriate trust and corporate structures are established. Given the legal and tax complexities involving multi jurisdictions, we actively engage with our clients and their advisors prior to setting up any structures for tax efficiency and estate planning reasons. Once established, we then accompany our clients in their journey of business and wealth growth and preservation through efficient management of their structures whist ensuring compliance with relevant legislations.

 Trustee and Fiduciary Services

Provision of full range of trust and trustee services, including
the establishment and settlement of different types of trusts.

Types of trusts include Discretionary Trusts, Purpose Trusts,
Inter-Vivos Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, Employee Benefit
Trusts and Charitable Trusts.

Trusteeship and fiduciary services are also provided to Trusts
which were created in and are still subject to the laws of other

Accounting and Taxation Services

Accounting services including maintenance of accounting records and preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS Standards, as well as consolidation of accounts with subsidiaries in several jurisdictions, invoicing and preparation of management

Tax compliance and filing of tax returns for individuals, corporates and trusts.

Company Formation, Secretarial and Administration

Formation of Mauritius Global Business Companies, Authorised Companies, Private Trust Companies, Collective Investment Schemes and Protected Cell Companies. Corporate secretarial services including provision of registered office, resident agent, company secretary, local or resident directors, nominee shareholders, maintenance of statutory records and filing of statutory returns.

General administration services including opening and operating of bank accounts, beneficiary and third-party payments and general commercial transactions.

Compliance Services

Provision of compliance support through timely review of structures to ensure their good standing in terms of statutory obligations vis-a-vis the relevant authorities.

Services also include filings under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)/Common Reporting Standards (CRS).

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