Domestic Corporate Services

Convina Corporate Services (CCS) is a sister company which forms part of our Group. It specialises in the provision of corporate secretarial and administration services to domestic entities including civil partnerships and private clients.

What We Do

CCS accompanies foreign investors in their investment projects and business expansion within the Mauritian jurisdiction whilst easing their day to day administration and compliance burdens.

The wide array of specialist services offered by CCS also encompass business formation, ongoing regulatory and tax compliance services and governance for foreign investors and expatriates.

Relocation Services

One of the key focus areas of CCS is to advise foreigners on the most appropriate route to relocate, to work, to do business and live in Mauritius or to seek permanent residency. We act as liaison to facilitate the application.

Foreign nationals may opt to invest, work, live or retire in Mauritius through various avenues namely the Residence Permit, the Professional Occupation Permit , the Permanent Residence Permit and Premium Visa.

 Occupation Permits

We assist investors, professionals, self-employed individuals and their dependents to obtain occupational permits for Mauritius.

Residence Permits (Retired Persons)

We assist retired persons who are not Mauritian citizens to obtain residence permits and retire in Mauritius.

 Residence Permits (Property)

We assist individuals with obtaining residence permits through the acquisition of property in Mauritius.

Permanent Residence Permit

The Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) is granted for a period of 20 years and it allows a non-citizen to work and live in Mauritius. The application for the PRP is made at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and we can assist with the application.

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Fiduciary Services

Doing Business in Mauritius

Mauritius plays a pivotal role in channelling foreign direct investment to African countries in a tax efficient manner.