Our Services

Our Core Services

We go beyond the traditional fiduciary and corporate services by focusing on the specific needs and requirements of each corporate and private client. We guide our clients right from the international tax planning phase, the appropriate structure set-up, through to their personal tax and estate planning. Our services are geared to assist clients in establishing and maintaining sound and compliant structures for governance, tax efficiency and sustainability.

The core of our service offering is the management of international trust, global business and domestic corporate structures, which includes trust and global business company formation, setting up of domestic companies, corporate secretarial to both global business companies and domestic companies, trustee services, accounting and tax compliance.

 Fiduciary Services

Provision of full range of trustee and global business corporate structuring services , including the establishment and settlement of different types of trusts, foundations and global business companies.

Domestic Corporate Services

Provision of corporate secretarial and administrative services to domestic entities and civil partnerships including set ups.

Accounting and Tax Services

Comprehensive accounting and tax compliance services to domestic companies, civil partnerships and private clients.


Multi-family Office Services

The family office services include estate and succession planning, drafting of wills in accordance to applicable laws, setting up of local and offshore trusts and providing independent trusteeships, directorships, cash management, global reporting and accounting. This service is managed by our South African partner, Cantilever Family.

Bespoke Solutions

Our bespoke services include advice and support on:

Network Introduction

Introduction to the network of professional partners; wealth managers, private banks, auditors, notaries, and lawyers, amongst others.

Office Set Up

Assistance with the establishment of a physical office to comply with substance requirements in Mauritius.

Adhoc Services

Legal, accounting and commercial due diligences on specific projects.


Legal drafting and review through preferred partners.

Doing Business in Mauritius

Mauritius plays a pivotal role in channelling foreign direct investment to African countries in a tax efficient manner.